Roland Garros!

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This week in Paris, it's Roland Garros! Roland Garros is a very famous and very important tournament of tennis. It's one of the biggest tournament of the world, it's a "grand chelem". This year, favourites are Nadal and Djokovic! Djockovic is the first palyer of the world but Nadal has won Roland Garros  seven times so it will be great if they are finalists. There are outsider like Tsonga and Federer. Tsonga can win because he is in Fance, his country. He can plays with the public what helps a lot for his mental. And of course Federer is an outsider because he is the best player of the history! He won 17 Grand Chelem is his career but just 1 in Roland Garros because it's not his favourite area so it's why he is just an outsider for me. I wrote this article because I love Roland Garros. It's my favorite sporting event with FIFA world cup! I went twice in Roland and I enjoyed it!


lundi 03 juin 2013 17:28


Blog de dnlpeterandthibautsport :DNL Thibaut and Peter, Berlin!!!
In april, with four classes of my school, we went to the capital city of Germany, Berlin! It was amazing and really nice because I was my first time in the city and because we laughed a lot! So, I was in a host family with Paul, a student of my class, we praticed Aikido and we played football! My host family was really nice and friendly, they spoke english very well because the mother is an english teacher. In Berlin, my favourite activity was the olympic stadium! It was so amazing and impressive. It's an historic stadium so it was very interesting. In this stadium took place the olympic games of 1936 with Jesse Owens and Hitler, in 2009 Usain Bolt beat world records of sprint ect... After I liked to go next to the old wall and in the concentration camp of Ravensbruck, it really shocking but we have to see that in our life if we don't want to do the same mistakes. It just didn't like one thing... all castles... very boring! Thibaut Blog de dnlpeterandthibautsport : DNL Thibaut and Peter, Berlin!!!

lundi 13 mai 2013 13:08

My Work Experience!

Blog de dnlpeterandthibautsport :DNL Thibaut and Peter, My Work Experience!

In february, I did my work experience during three days. It took place in Rennes in a journalism firm named "InfoMer". In infomer, there is one news paper "le Marin" and two reviews "produits de la mer" and "cultures marines". "le Marin" is the most famous of the three because this news paper is drawn every week on friday. It the journal of the Economics of the Sea and every fisherman knows it! So during this three days, I met every member of "Infomer" and i have interviewed them. I did the press review every morning, I visited the printing factory and I saw all the new papers who were printed. It was really amazing! 13 000 copies in 1 hour! So I really liked this work experience because I discovered the world of work and it was very interesting! 

Thibaut {#}

lundi 13 mai 2013 12:28


Blog de dnlpeterandthibautsport :DNL Thibaut and Peter, Berlin

During April we had 3 weeks of Hollydays. Three? Yes, because we went to Berlin. The trip Rennes to Berlin was very long we spent 22 hours in the bus, but very nice. Berlin is a beautiful and interesting city . My penpal name was Joris; his family was nice; he has one big brother, 19 years old. He has a beautiful house with a very big TV. With this family  we went to the Television tower. It's a big tower where you have a380 degrees view, on the Town. Here we ate delicious pizza with Louis de Langalerie and this family in an Italian restaurant called Vapiano. In Berlin we visited a lot of monuments like the Reichtag, 3 castles and a very sad and moving place Ravensbruck concentration camp. We also did shopping, of course. I baught a bag for my sister, towel and famous German chocolates for my father, a Nerf gun and a lot of sweets for my two little brothers. Haribo and Kinder are: <<made in Germany>> so they are not very expensive. In Berlin you have a lot of forest and lakes, it was surprising. 

It was a very good trip 


jeudi 09 mai 2013 18:41

My Work Eperience

Blog de dnlpeterandthibautsport :DNL Thibaut and Peter, My Work Eperience

Just before the Easter Hollydays, from the 20 at the 22 February 2013, I have done my work experience. I went in an hospital, specialised in the cancer treatment. My father works in this hospital as an oncologist. It was very interesting and i learned a lot of things. I have done this work experience, because i'm pretty scientific. And later maybe I want to be a medical doctor. The name of the hospital is: << Le Centre Eugène Marquis>>. The fist day, I went in a room with more than 30 computers where the physicists do the doses calculation to give to the patient. During the afternoon, I went to the scanner. The second day, I have seen the machines for treating patients. The third day I have watched a very good movie who explains the operation of the hospital and after I went to the operating threater but this part was a bit disgusted. I've loved this work eperience.


jeudi 09 mai 2013 12:19


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